Featured Technology

new techIn this class we explore many new technologies, inventions and watch some very interesting videos. Here you will find a list of links and videos of things explored in class.

This Website is in ongoing constructions. Links will move and change as needed.


More Fixes

Wacom tablet driver

Right click this and choose "Save Target As" Once it downloads, it will install the current driver for the Wacom drawing tablet. Use all the default settings.

SimCity Medium City ZIP

Right click this and choose "Save Target As" This needs to be unzipped in "My Documents -> Sim City 4 -> Regions".

Student Workstation Fixes

The student workstations were not setup to be complete, the talented district IT guys took our computers and lab 70% of the way, and we have to take them the other 30%. This is a list of ways that we ourselves will fix our own lab.

Desktop Resolution

We spend money on nice monitors, we will use them. Right click on the desktop, and choose "Properties", change to the "Settings" tab and move the slider for the screen resolution as far to the right as possible. It should say 1280 by 1024.

Desktop Background

Right click and save this pictures. Once it is downloaded you must cut and paste this file to the following location- C:\WINDOWS\Web\Wallpaper\ close the file explorer and right click on the desktop and choose "Properties" change the to "Desktop" tab and choose LOGO_background and hit OK.

Pivot Animator

Download this zip folder to the desktop, run the setup file inside the folder, it will install Pivot LEAVE ALL SETTINGS DEFAULT. After the installation, delet the Pivot.zip from the desktop


Click this link and run the installer. It will install Audacity on your machine, leave ALL SETTINGS DEFAULT. Delete the installer after it finishes.

GIMP 2.0

Click the link, run the app, LEAVE ALL SETTING DEFAULT. After it finishes delete the installer.

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