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new techIn this class we explore many new technologies, inventions and watch some very interesting videos. Here you will find a list of links and videos of things explored in class.

This Website is in ongoing constructions. Links will move and change as needed.

Steve Jobs Videos

Only few certain people have made a greater world-wide change as this man. The world will be forever changed and bettered by his work. We can all learn something from his philosophies that we can understand some of in these videos.


Is this the future of all computing? Like we see in Science fiction will we be weaned away from keyboards and mice and start speaking?


One of the coolest charities I know about. Game for 24 hours, get $4 an hour from sponsors, all proceeds go to a local childrens miracle network hospital.


The study of very small things. Nanobots, carbon-nanotubes, so much fun to be had.

President Obama's speech

Avatar takes the lead!

At the end of january the movie "Avatar" took the lead and to date as made more money than any other movie. This is significant because the movie uses CRAZY technology to make it, its 3D, and its science-fictions.

Avatar also won the Golden Globe for best picture, which means there is a good change it'll win the Academy Award for the same. NO science-fiction movie has EVER done this.

Also significant is the 3D nature of it. This technology is vastly improving, and becomeing more popular. Some are predicting that more 3D tv's will be sold this year than regular HDTV's. hmm . . .

Apple Announces the iPad

The last week of January Apple announced their tablet computer to the world. Apple has a history of changing the world. They came out with the iPod, nobody thought they'd use it, but its changed the world. For 3-5 years every other electronics company has tried to copy the sucess. Apple did the same thing with the iPhone.

Will Apple do the same thing with the iPad? or is it doomed for failure? I guess we'll find out!

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