Featured Technology

new techIn this class we explore many new technologies, inventions and watch some very interesting videos. Here you will find a list of links and videos of things explored in class.

This Website is in ongoing constructions. Links will move and change as needed.

Communication Projects

On this page you can look through different samples of student work on various different assignments. In order to view all the pictures, have javascript enabled and use a current browser.

Radio Show/ Podcasts

Using Audacity for editing, students in groups of 1-3 made a unique radio show 2-3 minutes long.
2011 and earlier
January 2012

Alice Animation

Using a version of Alice (varries) Students made some assignments, and then an open ended project that must be interactive like a game.

Multimedia Fusion2 Projects

Students learned programing to make a simple game with their own graphics, these can be downloaded and played at home.
September 2011 Games
March 2012 Games
Nov 2012 Games

Pivot Animations

After learning about the principle of Timing, students made a short and simple animation to show that they understood this principle.

Photoshop Final Projects

Students have made posters, cards, and advertisments for final projects in the past. Browse through them.
Ad Reproductions from November 2011
Buttons from November 2010
Buttons from April 2010
Ad Reproductions from November 2009

Website Final Projects

Students make their personal 4-page website project. They are hosted here
December 2009 Websites
December 2010 Websites
May 2011 Websites
December 2011 Websites
May 2012 Websites

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