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Radio Broadcast

Your assignment is to show how we can effectively communicate through the radio, without anything visual (pictures or video). You must make your show as creative as possible to make it more entertaining. You and your group (max 3 people) must come up with an appropriate radio show that is 2-3 minutes long. You need to include the following items:

  • A name for your radio station and show
  • Radio personality names
  • At least 2 sound effects

You need to include segments from the following list:

  • Intro/ exit music
  • Introduce the group
  • Commercials /Ads
  • News stories (celebrity, world, school, local, fiction)
  • Traffic report
  • Weather forecast
  • Sports report (school, college, national, olympics)
  • Debate / Argument
  • Contest or game show, calling in or answering questions to win a prize
  • 'People' calling in (change your voice to sound different)
  • Anecdote (short story of an interesting, funny, or biographical incident
  • A celebrity 'drop in'
  • How to...
  • Education about a topic
  • Other

After forming a group and deciding on the topics of your radio show (and names). Each of you write down in more detail your topic, write down what people are going to say. This is your script. Put everything in the right order to make it the best radio show ever

You will use Audacity to record your radio show, if you decide to use Windows Movie Maker the highest grade you can receive is a B.

BE CURTEOUS! Dont yell or scream. Others will be recording at the same time you are! Remember . . . the more fun you have the better your radio show will be!!

Your audio file (mp3) will be graded according to the following:

  • written script
  • Radio names
  • # of items included
  • Sound Effects
  • Voice quality
  • Editing quality