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<img src="filename.fileextension" 
	this.filters.alpha.opacity=40" />

Rollover transparency

Roll your mouse over the image to change it from 40% opacity to totally visible. Move your mouse away, to return it.

Transparency is two parts; one makes it work in IE, on makes it work in Mozilla Firefox. onmouseover and onmouseout are javascript and make your pages more interactive.

<img src="filename1.jpg" 
onmouseout="this.src='filename1.jpg'" />

Change the image on a rollover

When the mouse moves over the image, javascript will tell the page to take the 'src' attribute of this picture and change it to something else. When the mouse moves away, it changes back to what it was before. (I made sure both my pictures were exactly the same size)

<img src="filename1.jpg"
onmouseOut="this.src='filename1.jpg'" />

Secret Picture

This looks like a totally normal picture, it doesn't change on mouseover, no reason to suspect that its hiding something. When you click on it, it will change, and when you move your mouse away, it will change back.