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Making a Flame Wallpaper in GIMP

  • Many desktops are 1280x1024 pixels, yours might be a little different.
  • Open Gimp and make a new image. 1280 width, 1024 height, 72 resolution (pixels per inch)
  • Use the paint bucket to set the background layer to solid black
  • Make a new layer (transparent)
  • Set the two available colors (primary and secondary) to the default white and black
  • With the new layer selected go to Filter >> Render >> Nature >> Flame
  • There are lots and lots of options here. Dont mess with the sliders, instead click on "Edit" and chose a different looking flame. Find one that you think is pretty cool
  • When you start making it, you will see a green progress bar along the bottom, this is Gimp doing lots of complex math
  • When its made, color it by clicking on Color >> Colorize and chose a shade and intesity of color to add
  • To actually use it as a desktop picture you need to save it as a jpg. Save it to a good place, then try to change the desktop image (if you have permission).