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Making Bricker Unique 2!

So you finished step 11 in the tutorial and you want to make your game unique now huh? You game is probably pretty boring, I know I wouldn't want to play it. By the end of this section, hopefully you'll know enough to make your game actually fun, so you can pass it around to people you know and they can all enjoy it.

Bricks with HP!

The same way you have objects in the game that can move around- you are an object in real life that can move around. You have certain numbers associated with you- studentID, birthday, age, telephone number, address, lots of things. Objects in your game can have the same kinds of number. We are goig to give the bricks HitPoints- which is a number that you (hopefully) do not have

  • Get the brick's properties up on the screen.
  • The "A-Z" button takes you to the objects numbers.
  • Click on new Alterable Value, you should see AlterableValue A show up- click on that to change the name to HP.
  • And while we are here, lets make HP start out as 2, we can change this later.
  • Now comes the part to change the game. Lets start thinking again like a programmer thinks. Right now the bricks destroy when hit by the ball- we need to get rid of that, the bricks should only destroy when out of HP. When the brick gets hit- thats when it should loose HP.
  • Delete the events that you dont want to happen. On the "ball collides with brick" line add this to the brick: Alterable Values >> Subtract from >> HP and 1.
  • As things are now- the brick can get hit forever and nothing happens- because HP is going lower and lower- to negative infinity. Lets fix that.
  • New condition! Brick >> AlterableValues >> Compare one of the alterable values >> Hp is lower or equal to 0.
  • When that test condition is triggered we want to destroy the brick.
  • Pretty simple programming if you ask me!

Add bumpers at the bottom

thinking about how difficult your game is is important. You dont want it impossible, you also dont want it easy. You want it difficult but still possible. Adding and taking away bumpers at the bottom of the screen can help with this.

  • Pull up objects out of the library for this- pistachio blocks will work fine.
  • You still want the ball to bounce off of these (so it doesnt leave the screen and you lose a life), but you dont want it to destroy- you can do the same HP thing though.
  • You can add these bricks during the program when needed, and they can save the player lives, but eventually get destroyed over time.

Ramping the speed and difficulty

  • One great way to make the game slowly harder to to change the speed. Most of this you should know how to do yourself.
  • We are going to change the program, so that every time the ball hits the player (and bounces off) the ball is going to speed up a little bit. If you want to attach the speed increase to something else (like the walls or a brick, then go ahead! You know how to do it.
  • In the appropriate place go to BallGolden >> Movemetn >> Set speed
  • In this next box click the button saying "Retrive date from an object" choose the ball >> Movement >> Speed. Then type in "+1" at the end. What we just did was set the speed to whatever it was before plus one, this is called incrementing.
  • By doing this the game will get faster and faster until its too fast to control and the ball is leave the screen making you lose a life. When this happens and the ball resets, make sure to also reset the speed back low.

Replacing blocks

Some people like having the block change colors when hit instead of doing HP because that is easier to see something happening. To do this we are going to actually use two different brick objects, when one is destroyed, it puts the other in its place. When the second is hit- it is destroyed for good.

  • Make sure you have two brick objects- keep the 2nd one off the frame.
  • The programming isn't hard- you might have to delete a line or two of what you have and put this in.
  • First when brick #1 gets hit these things happen:
    • The ball bounces,
    • a new brick is created (relative to the old brick),
    • the old brick is destroyed,
    • the player's score increases.
  • Then when the brick #2 gets hit these things happen:
    • The ball bounces,
    • the player score goes up,
    • and the second brick is destroyed.
  • There you have a brick with HP of two, really you can have as many as you want as long as you have enough brick types, and can program it all

Making it two player!

Two people playing the game can be a lot more fun than one player. One person is already set-up, using the mouse. If we add a second player he should probably use the keyboard.

  • Do diving into the library and find a character that would work for the second player. On the properties- change its movement to "Eight directions." This lets him move with the arrow keys.
  • Now you have to decide how each player wins/loses. Maybe they are trying to destroy each other and use the ball and bricks to do that. Maybe theey compete for points. You can make up your own rules.
  • Make the player place bricks on hitting spacebar:
    • Keyboard >> upon pressing a key (hit spacebar)
    • Insert >> brick >> pick or count >> Compare number of "" objects >> Less than a number of your choosing (this will make it more fair so P2 can only add a certain number of bricks)
    • create the brick object using the P2's position
  • Make the player shoot things:
    • Keyboard >> upon pressing a key (hit spacebar)
    • launch an obejct (choose an object that you can shoot)
    • Use the direction of P2
    • You will have to make the bullet object interact with everything else in the frame as you want- bouncing off walls and bricks, and interacting or destroying what you want