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Making Bricker Unique

So you finished step 11 in the tutorial and you want to make your game unique now huh? You game is probably pretty boring, I know I wouldn't want to play it. By the end of this section, hopefully you'll know enough to make your game actually fun, so you can pass it around to people you know and they can all enjoy it.

Random Power-ups

Nothing says bricker like all the random powerups you can get. Lets think about what we want to happen - think like a computer programer. We want **sometimes** for a peice of candy to pop out of a brick when it destroys, when we collect this candy, something special will happen. Right now in the code we have the brick getting destroyed on a hit, we need to keep that, but add a little bit more

  • Before anything we need to add the candy to the game! Go to the library and find a candy object that you think would work, add it to your frame
  • Now, before the code, lets get this candy to move correctly. Go find this object's movement (running man) and look at the drop down list. There are several things that can work, but we are going to try "Pinball." Its like a bouncing ball, but it has gravity.
  • To give the human player time to see whats going on, change the initial direction to an upward direction. You can tweak the initial speed and gravity until it moves how you like. Now drag it outside the frame so it wont show up at the start of the game.
  • New condition! When the ball collides with the brick- yes it is a repeat of what we have before.
  • Insert another test question into that same line: Special >> X chances out of Y at random.
  • This is like rolling a dice- its a chance of this happening. 5-15 out of a hundred chances should be good.
  • Now- we need a test question for finding out when to start the powerup- the player has to collect the powerup- Our next conditions is "When Player collides with the candy"
  • Now that we have that, there are a BUNCH of places we can go. Below is a list of some of them.

Changing the size

  • On that same line as before - "when the player collides with the candy" we COULD add this
  • Ball Golden >> scale/angle >> set scale
  • Nex it wants to know the size. 1.0 is normal size, 2 is twice the size 3 is three times the size, 0.8 is 80% of the size 0.5 is 50% of the size (or half size)
  • type in your number 2.0 is a good place to start, and enter 1 on the next prompt (for quality)
  • All done! Now when you break a brick and candy comes out, and you collect it- the ball should immediately grow twice its size

Adding to Score or Lives

  • These are actually pretty easy. Find player 1, on the same "when play collides with candy" test.
  • You can add tons of points to the score (5000!)
  • You could also give the player an extra life (or 3 or 10)
  • Sound effects can be nice for letting the player know that something significant just happened- the score going up can be easy to miss.

Change the ball speed

  • Find BallGolden, on the same "when play collides with candy" test line.
  • Movement >> set speed >> 25 or so.
  • Thats all there is to it- when you get the candy now, the ball will slow down making it easier to get to it.

Changing things back to normal

However fun it is to play with a bowling ball destroying bricks, or moving slow, it might be nice to have those be temporary instead of permanent

Explore this with us together- lets see what we can do. . . If you take a look- you can see a stop watch at the top of the screen- maybe that could be usefull.

  • When the powerup starts- click on the stopwatch column box and see what we can do- lets try: start timer
  • On this next box- choose all 0's, We want to start the clock at zero.
  • Now from what we just did- we can guess that as soon the powerup starts, a stopwatch also starts and is counting up on the time. Time for another event
  • We want to stop things when the timer gets to a certain number of seconds. On a new test question line choose the timer and "is timer greater than a certain value"
  • Lets choose 5 seconds, you can choose something different.
  • This condition is going to trigger when the powerup has been active for 5 seconds or longer- perfect for changing things back to normal
  • On this line, we are going to choose the ball to set speed back to normal speed, the scale back to normal scale, or anything else that has changed
  • For however many powerups we get, this system should be a great way to keep track and limit how long the powerups are active


Adding in explosions can be a great way to make the game more fun and the human player to enjoy the game

  • First, we have to find an explosion and add it to the game. Go to the library and find a small explosion that will work, drag that into the frame.
  • Remember to keep this off the edge so we dont see it when we start the game
  • Lets think again- when do we want the explosion to happen? When the brick is destroyed? When does that happen? I'm pretty sure thats when the ball collides with the brick. Find which number that is in your program
  • Look for a picture of a cube with a spark on the side- this is used for creating new objects. Each time a brick is destroyed, we are going to have the computer do the work for us, and add a new explosion object and set it off.
  • So- Create New Object >> explosion. . . now it wants to know where to put it- obviously we want the explosion to happen at the exact spot the brick used to be! Choose Relative to and object >> Brick
  • If you play and test your game right now- you will find that the explosions happen in the right spot- but something weird is going on- the explosion animation happens, but then it sticks around and looks ugly, lets fix that
  • New test condition! When the explosion >> animation >> has an animation finished >> stopped. This tests to see if the explosion is done playing.
  • On that new line we just made- lets tell the explosion to destroy itself- so it isnt cluttering up our pretty game. Test that now and you should have a very splody game