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Platform Game

Game number three, most everything you learned is going to be really helpfulf, there are just a few notes here to read.

First off- you have probably noticed that the different movements in MMF2 are nice built in functions, but you could write them yourself. For 8-direction you can write that when you push one direction the character moves in that direction, has a speed, acceleration, deceleration, all that stuff. This program is nice because it has these pretty awesome built in things to make it easier and fast. There is a bunch of code that you can't see and can't edit that controlls the movement. You could write it yourself, but thats difficult.

There is a built in movement for platform movement- it isn't perfect, but its pretty good, thats what we are going to do. To make it work there are 3 things that you must do.

  • Your main character's movement is set to "platform".
  • Whatever walls or floors or anything you want needs to be "backdrops". Make sure the choose the type of backdrop obsticle.
    • None is scenery objects- like a hill in the background that you dont do anything with.
    • Platform - you can jump through it from the bottom or sides, but you can stand on it without going through
    • Obsticle - its a wall- you cant mess with it at all.
  • We need one line of code to finish us off.
    • -Player Colides with a backdrop
    • +player stop

Animation based violence

  • Instead of shooting we are going to do it more animation based- kind of like old school streetfigher games.
  • Your main character- whatever it is needs a custom animation. For this example its a fireman with a bucket of water, his animation is throwing water out of the bucket, luckily the bucket has an infinite supply of water..
  • Whenever you press a key (spacebar) or even better when Player1 jostick is pressing button 2 he is going to play through his animation.
  • Now - we can add a line of code that says when the fireman is colliding with a fire and his animation *bucket* is playing then destroy the fire, and give him points and stuff - but that isnt going to work- he has to stand on top of the fire and not infront of it. If he stands where he is supposed to, it doesnt work because he doest collide. We have a problem
  • One solution is to find the distance between the fireman and each single fire object- that would take a lot of work, lets see if there is a easier cheatier way instead.
  • Make a new acive object and call it "detector" always set its position to the characters position - it should stick to you if you play the game
  • If you want to make it function better- make it be in front on you whichever direction you are facing- however far you want to determine the bucket distance
  • Now we can change our important line of code- when the detector is colliding with the fire AND the characters "bucket" animation is playing, then destroy the fire
  • The last step is to make the detector invisible - uncheck "visible at start" in its properties


  • First thing- you need to make your level space bigger - click on the frame to get its properties - then type in whatever size you want.
  • Now, you can think of it as a "camera" object, its really just the frame object moving around.
  • One line of code and then we are done:
    • -Always
    • +Storyboard Controlls >> scorlling >> center window position in frame relative to your character.