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I need help!

How do I make my character shoot?
How do I make my guy have gravity?
How do I make the camera move?
How do I add more levels?
How do I get the character to respawn?
How do I get a door to unlock?

Do these sound familiar? I get these questions all the time, and I hate it. It shows that you dont really know what your question is. It also shows you didn't pay attention, because I taught all those answers earlier in the class. Please pay more attention.

If you would sit back and think about it, just a little, you would get the answer- it isn't super diffult- but does require a working brain . . . sorry zombie hoard. If your question comes from forgeting what to click on to get what you know you are looking for- thats different and easy to answer, I'm not doing the thinking for you though..

Understanding Events

  • Pay close attention
  • MMF2 can play about 50 frames per second- that means it runs through the events, checking everything and moving everything and redraws the screen 50 times every second. -Computers are pretty fast.
  • On events- MMF2 will check each event one by one triggering each one that it can answer the question with a "yes", if the answer is "no" it is skipped over
  • Once it gets to the very last line of code- it sets everything's position and color, and transparency, and draws the frame
  • OKAY! refresher: each event that you add might get run over and over thousands of times- its gonna get checked every single refresh incase it needs to run.
  • Whenever you want to add ANYTHING to your game- first check when or how often you want the event to happen.
    • Scrolling the frame: that should happen all the time- each and every refresh.
    • Enemies shooting: that should happen randomly? at regular intervals? when they are standing in the right spot?
    • When a door should change animation to "open": that should happen when you get the key, or collect all the coins, or make some goal
    • When do you die: probably when you get hit or loose HP.
    • When do you respawn: When the character is destroyed and no longer exists, and you still have lives left
  • Know that some events will be complex and have 4-7 ANDs that all have to be true, others are simpler and only need to know when a key is hit or something
  • Now that you have the timing done- the left half of the event, now you can get to the right side- what you want to HAPPEN.
  • This side you are more familiar with and shouldnt have too much of a problem