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Final Project

We are just about done! The point of this is to make a bigger project that really shows off how good you are.

I would recomment that you take one of your last two games- whichever is better and work on that. Add to it, improve the graphics, fix the movement or controlls, add a few levels, etc...

Now you need to know that the reason we are using MMF2 and making games (is to make fun games you can take home but also) to learn programming, and get you to think like a programmer would. Yes, graphics and sound effects are nice, story is nice, all that- but what I really care about is the coding. I'm not going to set a limit that you have to have 50 lines of code- but I want a lot. When I grade your game I'm going to take a look at your code- I want to see some fancy stuff going on there. Maybe you could have spikes call when you get close enough to them, maybe you can shoot different bullets depending on where you are standing in the game, maybe the screen can shake when you get hurt, maybe you get a different sword or gun or key after doing specific things in the game. Go figure out some cool stuff to put in the game.

Game one
Game two
Game three


90 seconds
Making a 20-30 minute game or so would take a terribly long time. Most iOS games are about 90 seconds of gameplay, and that works pretty well
Someway to change the gameplay- maybe gravity changes, or your gun/sword changes, there isnt just one way to play the game
Should match the gameplay, should be nice. No need to spend lots of time on this- but they should be decent
The game should be fun enough that people will want to play it a second or third time
Glitches (-)
These are negative points, For each instance that the game is supposed to do one thing, but because of a bug in the code it does something else
Even if you use Mario graphics- you can still make it original and creative. Please make your own game here
The game should be somewhere between impossibly hard and a game for babies. Chalenging and fun.
The game shouldn't be awkward to play. The controlls should be easy and make sense