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Downloading Custom Brushes

This isn't a very complicated process, and you can get very cool results from this. I want to remind you here that while photoshop can be expensive ($200-$1000), GIMP is free, and was made to be compatible with all of photoshop's things. When you download brushes or shapes or scripts, they will work for Gimp just the same as photoshop

  1. Go to a website, or just google "photoshop custom brushes" find one that you like. When you find it, this is the best time to take a look and find the copyrights attachted to it. Some people create brushes for free use, others want written consent some want you to buy the brushes if you want to use it commercially. If you are just playing around on your computer, most brushes would be fine. Be careful where you use them and Observe copyright laws!!.
  2. Download or save the brush to the desktop, you will usually be downloading a zipped folder with several files inside. Open up this folder. You'll find a text file that says who made the brush and how its to be used- respect those instructions! Find the brush file and drag it out of the folder.
  3. That brush file needs to go to the right spot to be installed. On MOST computers, go to the C: drive, then Program Files, then Adobe Photoshop, then Presents, then Brushes. Drag the file into there. Thats all you have to do! Open up photoshop and try to load your new brush.