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Principles of Graphic Design

In this class we use these 6 as the core or graphic design. Understand these and master design. Depending on the class or book, the list changes slightly.

  • Line
    • Lead the eye
    • Gives a feeling
    • Organizes information
  • Shape
    • Represents something
  • Texture
    • Use different textures to provide interest
    • Use matching textures to provide unity
  • Color
    • Reds: most powerful, love, heat, danger, anger, sex.
    • Oranges: Autumn, Hunger, Excitement, High energy
    • Yellows: stands out the most, fun, summer, caution
    • Greens: Nature, peace, calm, health, illness, wealth
    • Blues: Tranquility, Electricity, Calm, Sadness, Depression, Comfort
    • Purples: Royaly, uniqueness, Mysterious
    • Whites: neuteral, clean, purity, godly
    • Blacks: Sophistication, classy, death & mourning
  • Value
    • Makes contrast, what to look at in what order
  • Format
    • The medium to use to advertise best (website vs bilboard vs flyer)