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new techIn this class we explore many new technologies, inventions and watch some very interesting videos. Here you will find a list of links and videos of things explored in class.

This Website is in ongoing constructions. Links will move and change as needed.

About the Teacher

I was born in Colorado to a military family, me and my family moved to Germany when I was 7, where we stayed until I graduated high school. This was my high school, it was really good.

In college I got a degree in Technology Education, with a multimedia emphasis. I studied film making, animation, flash, graphic design, web design, and plenty of other fun things to do on the computer.

I have made several websites in my time, I have a video series on youTube, I have myspace, and facebook, and whatever other social network is decent. I try to stay on top of the tech news, which is very hard to do sometimes. There are too many technologies developing so quickly.

Film making and animation is something I have always been pationate about, both making it myself and enjoying what others make.

I've been teaching at Kennedy for 2 years now, still wanting to get a feel for what the students want, and what is really important to teach them to suceed later on.

Games from the College Years

Queen game
Hex Code game
Hottest Drawing game yet

Download button(right click)Kitteh Slope Game
Download button(right click)trials
Download button(right click)crossfire
Download button(right click)2047
Download button(right click)following
Download button(right click)Battleship

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