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new techIn this class we explore many new technologies, inventions and watch some very interesting videos. Here you will find a list of links and videos of things explored in class.

This Website is in ongoing constructions. Links will move and change as needed.


Using the DropBox

I cant access the files on your "My Documents", you are the only one who can. I had the DropBoxes set up special for my classes to make it easy to turn in assignments. To protect your stuff, we made it so that students are not allowed to change or delete ANYTHING in the dropbox, all you can do is drop things off there.

The correct way to use the drop box is to save your file the same place you normally save it(MY DOCUMENTS) (as a jpeg picture, or as a gif, or mp3, whatever we are turning in) and then manually move the file into the correct drop box.

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Late Work Policy

You all ought to know the late work policy! Deadlines are important, much more important when your paycheck depends on it and not your grades (which are artificial anway). Students need to learn how to stick to deadlines, but I dont think this is vital to be that strict in junior high. Students can turn things in whenever they get it done and still get credit for it. If any students wants to improve their grade, they only have to re-do the assignment (better than last time) and turn it in again.


End of First Quarter

This is the last week of the first quarter. All these classes are now half way over! Hard to believe huh?

I would like everyone to get a good grade, but also the grade you deserve. This week please check your grades carefully and turn in any missing assignments you have. Also, please re-do any assignment for which you would like better credit.

On gradebook, the more points an assignment is worth, the more important it is.

Welcome to Class

Students, parents, educators and others! Use this website however you wish. Assignments are explained here, examples of past assignments are here. There are tips, and tricks, and games. You can find out about new technologies, and find links to resources for all sorts of things.


Latest Updates

Communication past projects have been put up. You can find animations and Ad Reproductions so far. All other links should now be functional except for the Gateway class and Tech2.

This webpage is being made for you users. If you want something posted here, let me know. If you want to make it more usable, let me know. Please report broken or missing links. Use this form to have the webpage email me with your feedback. Thanks for keeping this a good website.

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